MICROBIT is a professional Data Recovery Centre where specialized Utilities
Data retrieved from Crashed Hard Disk, Pen Drives, Camera Memory Sticks at Microbit
What are the chances of getting required data from dropped or badly handled or Liquid spilled on Hard Disk?
Our non-detected Desktop and Laptop hard disks mainly containing dwg, Catia files
E-mail : punemicrobit
Data retrieved from Crashed Hard Disk, Pen Drives, Camera Memory Sticks at MICROBIT, mainly by solving following problems:
i) Partition Loss viii) Operational Delays
ii) Software Corruption ix) Non-detection.
iii) Weak Media (bad tracks) x) Physical damages to P.C.B./Media
iv) Volume mounting problem xi) Deletion of Files/Directories.
v) Virus attack Xii) Formatting due to human error.
vi) Boot Sector Problem. Xiii) Data over-writing.
Vii) Damaged Allocation table
        Recovered data can be given on Client Hard disk/ on C.D.
  Economical and quality work assured.
  Other Operating Systems supported for Data Recovery:
      LINUX Red Hat / Debian       LINUX Server
      Macintosh       UNIWARE Novell
      SQL Server       RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5
      Virtual Hard Disk (V.H.D)       Virtual Machine File System (V.M.F.S.)
MICROBIT  has an excellent track record in data recovery and data from different
capacity damaged IDE /EIDE /SCSI / SATA Hard disk retrived for
Corporate Sectors, Govt. and Information Technology Establishments,
Educational Institutions, C.A Firms, Commercial & Industrial Organizations.
Being a precision device, hard disks need to be handled with extra care. Hard disk drives do not last forever. They are delicate mechanical devices made up of spindle motor, Platters, read-write head assembly packed within dust free cavity (chamber).
Reasons for physical damage to Hard disk Drives :
(i) Misalignment of R/W heads
(ii) Burnt chips on logic board
(iii) Drive Platters with excessive bad sectors
(iv) Electricity fluctuation (surge).
Reasons for non physical (i.e. logical) damages to the hard drive
(i) Corrupted file allocation table(FAT)
(ii) Formatted drive
(iii) Deleted files
(iv) Virus attack
(v) Corrupted partition table
(vi) Corrupted master file table (MFT) etc.
Brands: San Disk, Iomega, Kingston, Seagate, Maxtor etc.
Mobility of USB device is much more than a fixed drive in a laptop or in a desktop. USB storage device are very convenient to copy data or to carry data. But this mobility creates problem due to no. of hands are using device or on no of systems plug/Unplug operations of USB device slowly creates media Assy. functioning problems. Although USB Device are handy, low cost, light in weight and small, users do not take proper precaution while using /handling flash drives. E.g. a Pen drive in Key-chain (dangling) or pocket size USB hard disk thrown on car seat or on table top. Tremendous production of USB devices due to huge demand caused problems in quality control at manufacturing stages.
In most no detection cases, we take permission from users to allow us to open flash drive / Pen drive to tackle hardware hurdles.
Camera Memory Card can hold a relatively large quantity of data for their size. Due to small in size, they have been the ideal removable storage device or small digital product such as Digital cameras. At MICROBIT Data Recovery Centre, different Utilities aims to recover, lost data from crashed or corrupted or deleted data from Camera Memory Card.
Our specialization in recovery of data from :
(i)   Data file formats i.e. ppt, pdf, Doc, ZIP, Xls.
(ii)   Images file formats i.e. G.I.F., jpg, Tiff, pst
(iii)   Video file formats i.e. AVI, MPEG, MOV
(iv)   Audio file formats i.e. WAV, MP3, M.I.D.I.
Regardless of the array size, configuration, Platform or Operating System, Special Utilities at MICROBIT can retrieve RAID data, successfully.
Causes noticed in RAID System failure :
(i) Accidental reconfiguration
(ii) RAID controller failure
(iii) Lost RAID partition
(iv) Deletion /reformatted RAID partitions
(v) Virus Attack.
Before RAID recovery we check drives in RAID Array if there is any physical damage to drives or any other problems such as logical problems etc.
Linux has different file systems including Reiserts, EXT2,EXT3.
Due to file systems are very different from NTFS or FAT file Systems, specilised skills are needed for Linux Data Recovery.
We provide file recovery from SCSI / SAS / IDE / EIDE / ATA hard drive media.
Also damaged Super Block or Inode list volume recovery is possible.
We support, Linux different versions(Red Hat) file systems, Extn2 & Extn3 and hard drive media SCSI/IDE etc.
Expertise at MICROBIT Data Recovery Centre can solve problems such as :
(i) Crashed LILO Boot record
(ii) Corrupted Inode
(iii) Mixed or damaged configuration of Multi operating systems
(iv) Deleted Volumes
(v) Injuries to Super Block
Our previous record of Valued Mac Customers, shows following problems with Mac Hard Drives.
(i) Segments loader error
(ii) Bad file name
(iii) Disk Error
(iv) Directory Missing
(v) Unreadable disk
(vi) Not an HFS volume
(vii) Drive not recognized
(viii) Bad tracks
(ix) Drive Mounting Problem
We are successful in retriving data due to sound experience & always prepared to tackle complex problems head on.
Sometimes email messages disappear without any indication and in some cases if visible they are in damaged data structure condition or corrupted. In order to avoid problems, Outlook users must ensure file size less than 2GB.
On majority of occasions, wrong commands during operating system installation process causes loss of p.s.t. files.
A written note alongwith properly packed hard disk mentioning:
  1) Problems faced during use of hard disk e.g.. 'data error reading' or 'booting problem' etc.
  2) Details of O/S, Partitions.
  3) Any process or attempts made for recovery of data.
  4) Any changes made in original partitions.
  5) Details of required data (to be recovered) e.g. titles of Folders, Files.
Following for Information :
A few folder names which are very important are required to confirm data recovery track [in order to focus more on important data] although we will try for 100% data recovery. In a few cases selective data recovery not possible.
Data recovery process, will be completed with the help of Utilities i.e. Software Tools. This is necessary as disturbing of hard disk or pen drive hardware, in some cases, collapses data structure. Therefore, in whatever condition of Hard disk we receive, data retrieving process will start with extra care.
This inspection or checking is very essential, which normally takes-3-4 hours or in some cases a full day. Diagnosis report also confirms further time require for data recovery and accordingly we give this information to user /customer immediately. e.g. if diagnosis is complete within 2 hours, immediate phone call /mail will be sent by us.
Recovered data can be checked /verify at this Centre, on prior appointment by user. It is suggested to send another hard disk to copy recovered data, such as external hard disk (with USB cable) or less than 4.5 GB recovered data can be delivered by us on a DVD /CD at extra cost.
Utmost care will be taken for satisfactory and quality work and secrecy /confidentiality will be maintained of every data recovered by us. (MICROBIT Data Recovery Centre already extended services to Military Depts., I.T. & Engineering Industries under confidentiality agreements for data recovery).
  MICROBIT  is a professional Data Recovery Centre where specialized Utilities (Software Tools) used for rescuing
data from different storage media especially crashed.
   Pen Drives    Tape Drives
   Hard Disk Drives    Camera Memory Sticks etc.
MICROBIT  Data Recovery facilities, helped many users to get their valuable data that were otherwise lost forever. Besides that, our charges are competitive and reasonable. Only successful data recovery jobs are chargeable. (No data / No charges).
At MICROBIT Data Recovery Centre latest Utilities (Software Tools) are available for different type or make or capacity hard disk drives to retrieve your valuable data fastest possible.
For data retrieve process of sensitive data, many Corporate sectores, Banks, Defence Establishments such as
(Military, Air Force), Government Organisations, Insurance & Financial Institutions, Chartered Accountant Firms etc. routinely rely on MICROBIT and our strict Security standards to ensure the privacy of their data throughout our receiving, handling, retrieving and delivery process.
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