MICROBIT is a professional Data Recovery Centre where specialized Utilities
Data retrieved from Crashed Hard Disk, Pen Drives, Camera Memory Sticks at Microbit
What are the chances of getting required data from dropped or badly handled or Liquid spilled on Hard Disk?
Our non-detected Desktop and Laptop hard disks mainly containing dwg, Catia files
E-mail : punemicrobit
Do's :
1) If not daily, at least weekly backup of important data from Laptop/Pen Drive is a must.
2) Do not switch off your Desktop/Laptop directly by switching off main switch. Routine shut-down in few seconds is necessary.
3) Checking of SMPS(Switch Mode Power Supply) after warranty period or at least after two year use, is necessary. S.M.P.S. is a low priced item in a System and main job of Sustaining electricity spike attacks / surges due to power fluctuations is taken care by S.M.P.S. Therefore,  installation of New SMPS after a particular period use, is suggested.
4) Ensure around 30 minute U.P.S. backup to system. This avoids direct spike attacks or electricity fluctuation impact on motherboard, hard disk or on C.P.U.
Don'ts :
1) Pen drive in key Chain Set (dangling) create problem to main chip inside.
2) Camera Memory Stick is having very delicate tracks/contacts and the same get damaged due to kept in wallet and due to coins or fold to wallet, tracks/contacts get damaged.
3) Avoid frequency of removing hard disk from Computer System and trying the same on another System.This creates configuration problem.
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