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Data retrieved from Crashed Hard Disk, Pen Drives, Camera Memory Sticks at Microbit
What are the chances of getting required data from dropped or badly handled or Liquid spilled on Hard Disk?
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1) Can I get my sensitive data from crashed hard disk from manufacturer as my hard disk is under warranty?
Answer - As per condition, manufacturers give warranty replacement for crashed hard disk or pen drive but they do not take responsibility of your data.
2) Do you open crashed (Non-detecting ) Hard disk (SATA, SCSI, I.D.) or Pen Drive (Flash Drive) to retrieve data? If yes, please comment as we may not get free replacement warranty from manufacturer.
Answer - In few cases, to solve detection problem, we open hard disk or Pen Drive to rectify hardware hurdles and accordingly inform customer the entire process, time require etc. In majority of cases, hard disk manufacture allows to open hard disk when users try data recovery process at local centre and they insist that damaged Hard disk (SATA, SCSI, I.D.) must be returned to them with sticker details on hard disk and no spare parts are missing in hard disk. Before handing over material to us, user must ensure with hard disk mfg.co. of getting approval for our process, which can be done online.
3) As a company policy and data secrecy, we cannot take our crashed Hard disk to your Centre for data recovery. In such cases, do you provide us service at our company premises?
Answer - No, we do not provide data recovery service at site, MICROBIT data recovery utilities (Software Tools) are numerous which on our different Master Computer Systems and in addition variety of hardware tools, spares and option available at this Centre cannot be carried to site.
4) My crashed H.D.D. is 500 G.B. capacity and only 22 G.B. important folders to be retrieved. In this case are your charges much less than your regular quote?
Answer - MICROBIT quote for data recovery do not vary on quantum of data. In some cases, selective data recovery is not possible. However, due consideration will be certainly given to charges, depending upon use of Utilities and time consumed at this Centre.
5) After completion of data recovery, can I use same hard disk?
Answer - During or after data recovery process, we inform Customer how healthy original hard disk or Pen Drive (Flash Drive) is- mainly from hardware point of view. This we check as per manufacturers? parameters.
6) Do you collect and deliver material to customer address?
Answer - No. We do not have any arrangement to collect or deliver Hard disks, Pen Drive (Flash Drive) etc. However, properly packed material with a Packing Note having address, material and require data details can be sent through courier services.
7) What are the minimum charges, If required data is not recovered?
Answer - Charges at MICROBIT applicable for only successful job. (In short, No data / No Charges).
8) After Data recovery completion, do you provide service to install required operating System, Anti-virus or other required software on our System?
Answer - No.
9) Do you have facilities for data recovery from damaged Cell phone (mobile) at MICROBIT?
Answer - Yes, we do data recovery from damaged Cell Memory Card and not from sim card.
10) Data recovery from bad DVD/CD/Cartridges of Tape Drive is possible? If Yes, What is the success rate?
Answer - This is a regular data recovery work at MICROBIT and success depends upon condition of DVD/CD/Cartridges of Tape Drive.
11) Is it necessary to bring only crashed Hard disk (SATA, SCSI, I.D.) from my Computer System or you will take out Hard disk from System as I am not familiar to hardware of a System and unable to remove Hard disk?
Answer - We can take out hard disk from your Computer at this Centre without charges in case hardware engineer not available to assist you in this matter.
12) Our hard disk is un-attended or Computer System is not in use for a long time. Now that hard disk is not detecting but we suspect important data must be in and we are unable to inform you folder or file names to be recovered as earlier employee also left our Organization. In order to ascertain fate of data, how would be your charges for data recovery as after checking of recovered data we may not find the same important and useful to us and thus refuse to collect.
Answer - In this case we will provide you list of folders/files and some additional clues such as date or year of data at reasonable low rate and in case this list is approved by you, we will continue and complete data recovery at regular rate.
13) My data in crashed hard disk is very sensitive and I do not wish any other person to misuse the same. Please comment.
Answer - For sensitive and critical data recovery many corporate sectors, Banks, Defence Establishments ( Military, Air force), Police Wireless dept, Government Organization, Insurance and Financial Institution, Charterer Accountant Firms etc. routinely rely on MICROBIT and our strict security standards to ensure the privacy of their data throughout our recovering, handling, retrieving and delievery process. Apart from quality work we take utmost care to maintain confidentiality/secrecy of every recovered data.
14) How do you deliver recovered data to us?
Answer - Recovered data once checked/approved by user, we copy the same on another good hard disk or an extn. USB or on Pen Drive of user. Around ten G.B. recovered data also can be given on DVDs. Bigger size of recovered data copy on DVD not possible due to problem of long file size.
15) What is turn-around time for data recovery? Pen Drive, H.D.D., Camera Memory Stick
Answer - To meet the urgency of a particular case, we have extra computer Systems, special utilities to recover priority data folders or file and more important is flexible working hours. Higher capacity non-detection hard disk recovered by us on same day and even non-detecting Pen Drive data recovered at MICROBIT in just an hour after opening the hardware.
16) What are the chances of getting required data from dropped or badly handled or Liquid spilled on H.D.D?
Answer - A lot of such cases successfully completed by us. (e.g. non-functioning of Laptop due to rain water or wrongly handled by hardware engineer while trying to recover data or to repair) Turn around time for work completion increases by 20 to 30%.
17) I am a dealer in computer Systems and Peripherals and when receive enquires for critical data recovery form crashed RAID, Linux or SQL Server, my Client is unable to provide server for more than a day and also can not take out Server Accessories such as Controller Card, Cables etc. Do you have such accessories for variety of server data recovery jobs?
Answer - We take every effort to complete data recovery (in such cases) on same day. We have accessories for different type of Hard disks, like SAS, SATA, SCSI etc. Before sending material to MICROBIT, detail dialogue about operation with data user is preferable so that immediate and immaculate planning helps completion of job soonest possible.
18) Ours is Software Development Company and crashed hard disk having folders/files in different Indian Languages and in foreign languages such as Japanese, Spanish, French or Arabic. Our out-station Clients can send crashed hard disks to retrieve data but to check or approve recovered data sometimes we are unable to certify/ confirm data due to non-familiarity with different languages.How you handle this situation?
Answer - Earlier we used to take help of local translator after concent of our Client. But due to sensitive/confidential data, we now send file/folder list of recovered data and capacity to data user for approval, which is more convenient..
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